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HSBC Credit Card, the best credit card in town1, brings you Red Hot Overseas Spending Rewards and lets you gather your favourite things from all around the world. From now until 31 December 20172, you can receive an extra 5X RewardCash3 on eligible overseas transactions4 with your card. 

If you have registered for the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme and allocated your extra 5X RewardCash to either the "China Spending"5 or "Overseas Spending"6 category, you can receive even more RewardCash. For example, Visa Signature cardholders can receive up to 14X RewardCash7 when they conduct eligible overseas transactions within the promotional period. That's equivalent to as low as HK$1.8 per air mile!

What's more, eligible online transactions8 entitle you to an extra 5X RewardCash3 during the same promotional period. Click here for more information.

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The example below illustrates the multiples of RewardCash you are entitled to when using different card types to conduct eligible overseas transactions. This assumes you have already registered for the "Red Hot Online & Overseas Spending Rewards" promotion and the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme and allocated the maximum multiplier of extra RewardCash (i.e. 5 times) to either the "China Spending"5 or the "Overseas Spending"6 category.

  Visa Signature Card
Other eligible credit cards
Basic RewardCash 1X 1X
Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice 8X* 5X
Red Hot Online & Overseas Spending Rewards 5X 5X
Total times of RewardCash 14X 11X
*The 8X times RewardCash is made up of the maximum 5X extra RewardCash allocated to either the "China Spending"5 or the "Overseas Spending"6 category under the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme, plus the 3X extra RewardCash that a Visa Signature cardholder can enjoy on spending in any "spending categories" of the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme. 
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