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The mission for the year is simple – always remember to earn RewardCash. From now until 30 November 2023, HSBC credit card presents you with three exclusive offers when shopping with Apple Pay at Apple Store. Whether you're exploring the latest products at Apple Store or Apple Store Online, it's bound to be a rewarding journey!

Extra 6% RewardCash rebate

You can receive an extra 6% RewardCash rebate on Eligible Transactions upon spending HK$5,000 or above by HSBC credit card with Apple Pay at Apple Store or Apple Store Online, up to a maximum of $400 RewardCash under this promotion.

100% handling fee rebate

You can enjoy 100% handling fee rebate upon successfully applying a 6-month Spending Instalment Plan for a single Eligible Transaction by HSBC credit card with Apple Pay at Apple Store or Apple Store Online. You can enjoy the offer once, and the maximum instalment amount to enjoy full handling fee rebate is HK$20,000 under this promotion.

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Example: If you apply for 6-month Spending Instalment Plan for your Eligible Transaction of HK$6,000 by HSBC credit card with Apple Pay at Apple Store, you just repay HK$1,000 per month only after considering the handling fee rebate, meaning a 0% Spending Instalment Plan!

Total handling fee
(after 100% handling fee rebate)
Monthly repayment HK$6,000 ÷ 6

Instalment Stamp Card Reward

What's more, register Instalment Stamp Card Reward on HSBC Reward+ App and get 1 stamp for any successful credit card instalments. You may redeem an extra $100 RewardCash for every 2 stamps collected, up to a total of $300 RewardCash. The Spending Instalment Plan you made for your Apple Store transaction will earn you 1 stamp immediately!


Register via HSBC Reward+ App now.

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Please read the following remarks.

* According to Online Credit Card Survey conducted by Ipsos in Hong Kong (2023) (Sample size = 1,000 credit card holders in Hong Kong)

  1. You can only enjoy Reward 1 and 2 if you register this promotion, and separate registration for Instalment Stamp Card on Reward+ is required to enjoy
    Reward 3.
  2. Eligible Transaction is purchase made in Hong Kong dollars by Apple Pay at the Designated Merchant with an Eligible Credit Card during the promotional period and posted on our system during the offer fulfilment period.
  3. If you are holding an additional credit card only and do not hold any primary credit card, such additional card is not eligible for the offer.
  4. You can only get stamps for new credit card instalment set up after successful registration for the Instalment Stamp Card Reward. Please visit respective 'Instalment Stamp Card Reward' offer page in the HSBC Reward+ App to review the promotional period, details and terms and conditions.

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Google Play™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

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