With all the comprehensive rewards offered by the HSBC Credit Card Red Hot Festival, you can earn and burn RewardCash anytime to make your summer more rewarding!

From 1 July to 31 August 2022, you can receive up to an extra 13% RewardCash rebate upon accumulated eligible transactions of HK$1,000 or above at Mannings and GNC in Hong Kong when using your HSBC credit card:

  • Monday to Sunday: extra 5% RewardCash rebate
  • Friday to Sunday: extra 4%, for a total of 9% RewardCash rebate
  • Pay via mobile payment to receive another extra 4% RewardCash rebate

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Example: If you make an eligible transaction of HK$1,000 at Mannings in Hong Kong via mobile payment on Friday, you will receive a total of $134 RewardCash rebate.

Basic RewardCash
(HK$250=$1 RewardCash)
5% RewardCash offer
(Monday to Sunday)
4% RewardCash offer
(Friday to Sunday)
4% RewardCash offer (Mobile payment)
HK$1,000 ÷ 250
= $4 RewardCash
HK$1,000 x 5%
= Extra $50 RewardCash
HK$1,000 x 4%
= Extra $40 RewardCash
HK$1,000 x 4%
= Extra $40 RewardCash
A total of $4 + $50 + $40 + $40 = $134 RewardCash


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Please read the following remarks.

* The above statements are based on the perception rating results from the Kantar Pulse Study conducted by Kantar UK Ltd between July 2020 to December 2020 that covered a population representative sample of 949 credit card holders in Hong Kong.

  1. You can register this promotion via the HSBC Reward+ app or click hereclick here to register.
  2. Eligible transactions are purchases made with an eligible credit card with a minimum net spending amount of HK$500 each at the Designated Merchants during the promotional period.
  3. For the details and terms and conditions of the card application welcome offers, please visit the relevant website through the designated link to learn more.
  4. Terms and conditions apply to HSBC Credit Card Red Hot Festival – Summerverse Online Game. Click here here for details.

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