How to earn more RewardCash?

How to earn more RewardCash?

To help you keep track of the extra RewardCash you have earned, simply follow the instructions below and you can find out the RewardCash you have earned from our rewards programme.
  1. 1
    Enter the extra
    RewardCash allocation of
    Red Hot Rewards
    of Your Choice
  2. 2
    Enter the transactions details
  3. 3
    Click "Calculate" to start

Your extra RewardCash allocation

Drag the RewardCash multiplier allocated to the various spending categories (maximum 5X)
Your extra RewardCash allocation. On changing the value, the reward cash multiplier allocated on the various spending categories changes, maximum 5X. Double tap to open a drop-down menu and select a value. Your extra RewardCash allocation. On changing the slider, the reward cash multiplier allocated on the various spending categories changes, maximum 5X. Double tap to open a drop-down menu or drag the slider left or right to change the value. Double tap to choose the reward cash value.
Dining 0x
Overseas Spending
Overseas Spending 0x
Lifestyle 0x
China Spending
China Spending 0x
Home 0x
The maximum extra RewardCash allocation is 5X.

Transactions details (maximum 20 transactions)

Transaction Amount
Spending Category
Designated Merchants (if applicable)
Transaction Date
Mobile Payment Transactions
Online Payment Transactions

RewardCash Calculation result

You have earned
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The RewardCash earned can be converted into

0air miles6
HK$0Merchant Cash Coupon7
$0Instant RewardCash Redemption at Merchants8
Dyson 暖風機
More Details
Cardholders can also redeem gift items at up to 60% off at RewardCash e-Shop9. Please visit for details.
Extra RewardCash are subject to programme cap.

Please read the following remarks.

  1. The RewardCash result displayed by this stimulation is for reference only and HSBC does not guarantee its accuracy. Customer should refer to the actual RewardCash stated in the monthly statement for the final amount of RewardCash entitled.
  2. RewardCash multiplier is inclusive of the basic 1X RewardCash earned under the RewardCash Programme.
  3. You can earn $1 RewardCash for every HK$250 spent.
  4. You are required to register by calling the Bank's 24-hour registration hotline (852) 8228 3308 or register online at during 1 January 2020 to 31 October 2020 to participate in the Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice programme. As part of the registration process, you will be required to select your preferred spending categories and allocate the extra 5 times RewardCash to the preferred spending categories. If the registration is not successful, a rejection notification will be sent to your email address on the Bank's record, or your correspondence address in case there is no valid record of email address. Otherwise you will start earning extra RewardCash within 3 working days after completing the registration, and the details will be shown on your next and any subsequent monthly credit card statement. You are entitled to receive extra RewardCash for the first HK$100,000 eligible transactions during the effective period as indicated in the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme details shown on the monthly credit card statement. Terms and conditions apply.
  5. Mileage Programme is only applicable to cardholders who have enrolled in the Mileage Programme. You can earn 10 miles for each $1 RewardCash you transfer. Each transfer must be of a minimum of $40 RewardCash. Terms and conditions apply.
  6. Cash coupon is redeemable at RewardCash e-Shop. Every $1 RewardCash equals to HK$1 at RewardCash e-Shop. You can redeem items at RewardCash e-Shop in full amount of RewardCash or in any combination of RewardCash and cash, subject to a minimum of $10 RewardCash for each item. The cash portion must be settled by an HSBC credit card via HSBC Internet Banking. Terms and conditions apply.
  7. Instant redemption is only applicable at the participating merchants. Every $1 RewardCash can be used as HK$1 on your spending. Terms and conditions apply.
  8. You are required to redeem at RewardCash e-Shop with a minimum of $10 RewardCash. Every $1 RewardCash equals to HK$1 at RewardCash e-Shop. Terms and conditions apply.

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