HSBC Reward+

HSBC Reward+ lets you pay your credit card bill and any merchant transaction with RewardCash, without limits or restrictions. The conversion rate is $1 RewardCash = HKD$1. Use your rewards just the way you like.

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HSBC credit card, the best credit card in town*. The one that has it all.


Pay your bills with RewardCash:


  1. 1. Logon via 'Use RC' page and tap 'Pay with RC'. You can choose to pay a statement with RewardCash by adjusting scroll bar or inputting the amount directly.

  2. 2. You can also choose to pay a designated transaction with RewardCash. Click "Pay" next to the transaction you want to pay.

  1. 3. The system will automatically use the RewardCash that's expiring first.

  2. 4. Redemption details will be shown in the confirmation page.


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Please read the following remarks.

* The above statements are based on the perception rating results from the Kantar Pulse Study conducted between October 2019 to December 2019 that covered a population representative sample of 440 credit card holders in Hong Kong.

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Reference number: Y7-U8-CAMH0105


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