Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice

Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice

HSBC credit card, the best credit card in town, brings you the best rewards programme* to enjoy gratifying rewards all year round! With the year-round "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme, you can allocate your extra RewardCash among your preferred spending categories and earn up to 2.4% RewardCash rebate!

From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020, the 1-year programme let you earn up to 2.4% RewardCash rebate (equivalent to 6X RewardCash) at a wide range of merchants all year round. You can allocate extra 5X RewardCash among six spending categories of Dining, Entertainment, Home, Lifestyle, Mainland China and Macau Spending and Overseas Spending to enjoy the extra RewardCash for your first HK$100,000 eligible spending, and earn rewards even faster.

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