Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice

With HSBC credit card "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme, you can allocate extra RewardCash among your preferred spending categories and earn up to 6X RewardCash (equivalent to 2.4% RewardCash rebate)! You can receive up to an extra $2,000 RewardCash for your 1st HK$100,000 of eligible transactions. RewardCash couldn't be easier to earn and burn, enjoy rewarding moments in life now!

Even better, with our new 'Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice Bonus Boost', you can enjoy an extra $1,000 RewardCash for eligible accumulated transactions of HK$150,000 or above, which means you could earn up to an extra $3,000 RewardCash all year round!

From 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024, the 1-year "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme lets you earn an extra 5X RewardCash at a wide range of merchants and allocate among five spending categories:

  • Dining
  • Health & Leisure
  • Home
  • Lifestyle
  • Overseas & Mainland China Spending



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HSBC Credit Card, the best credit card in town*. The one that has it all.

Please read the following remarks.

* According to Online Credit Card Survey conducted by Ipsos in Hong Kong (2023) (Sample size = 1,000 credit card holders in Hong Kong).

  1. Promotional period is from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024. You are entitled to receive extra RewardCash for your first HK$100,000 eligible spending at designated spending categories and merchants during the effective period indicated in the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme details shown on the monthly credit card statement. To participate in this promotion, you are required to register on or before 31 October 2024.
  2. You earn basic $1 RewardCash for every HK$250 spent. Up to 2.4% RewardCash rebate is equivalent up to 6 times RewardCash which is inclusive of 5 times extra RewardCash under the "Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice" programme and the basic 1 time RewardCash earned under the RewardCash Programme.
  3. You are required to register once with any eligible HSBC personal credit card. The extra RewardCash multiplier for selected spending categories will be automatically applied to all eligible primary and additional credit cards under your name. If your registration is not successful, a rejection notification will be sent to your email address on the Bank's record, or your correspondence address in case there is no valid record of email address. Otherwise you will start earning extra RewardCash within 3 working days after completing the registration, and the details will be shown on your next and any subsequent monthly credit card statement. No change or cancellation is permitted after registration.


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