HSBC Reward+ Table Booking Service

Table booking service is available on HSBC Reward+ App, so you can make a reservation anytime, anywhere.

You can earn $3 RewardCash by simply connecting your OpenRice account with HSBC Reward+ and making a table booking. You will receive the $3 RewardCash within 2 months after your attendance. No registration is required.

The RewardCash earned can be used to offset any other transaction immediately via the "Pay with RC" function in HSBC Reward+. Use your rewards, just the way you like.

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HSBC Reward+ App's Table Booking Service Guide

1. Find bookable restaurants

  1. On 'Discover' page, go to 'Dining' tab and apply the filter.

  2. Select 'Table booking' under the Dining filter. You will then see a list of bookable restaurants.

  3. Once you've selected a restaurant, tap 'Book now' if you wish to proceed to booking.

2. First-time registration for HSBC Reward+ Table Booking Service

  1. Connect your OpenRice account with Reward+. You only need to connect once.

  2. If you've logged in to the OpenRice mobile app, your OpenRice account name will be displayed. Verify and click 'Continue'.

    To use another OpenRice account, click 'Continue with other OpenRice account'.

  3. If you haven't logged in your OpenRice account, click 'Login'. If you don't have an OpenRice account, click 'Sign up' to register.

  1. Once connected, you don't have to log on to Reward+ to book a table in the future!

  2. To check or remove your connected OpenRice account, navigate to 'Settings'.

3. Make a booking

  1. Once you've selected a restaurant, tap 'Book now'.

  2. Select an outlet (if applicable).

  3. Input your desired booking date, time and number of seats.

  1. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation via your e-mail address registered with OpenRice.

    You may share the booking details with friends.

  2. You can find all upcoming and previous bookings under the 'Bookings' tab on the 'My R+' page.

    You can also share, edit or cancel a booking from here.

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