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HSBC's Spending Instalment Plan allows you to settle your credit card spending by instalment, making repayment easier.

  • Monthly handling fee as low as 0.18%
  • 3-month handling fee rebate for instalment plan made for transactions of designated merchants
  • Choice from 6 to 60 monthly instalments
  • Only spending of HKD1,000 or more Is required

Act now and apply by the following channels:

  • Customer service officer assisted application hotline 2233 3052 or

Please read the following remarks.

*Based on the perception rating results from the Kantar TNS Pulse Study conducted in the first half of 2018 that covered a population representative sample of Hong Kong credit card holders.

1. The promotional period is from 31 July 2019 - 2 February 2020, both dates inclusive. The Spending Instalment Plan is only applicable to posted purchase transactions billed on the current statement and unbilled purchase transactions during the promotional period i.e. previous purchase transactions are not eligible to be settled under the Spending Instalment Plan. Other transactions, including but without limitation, cash advances, instalment plans, Octopus AAVS, all fees and charges, withdrawal amount under the Cash Instalment Plan and/ or Cash Credit Plan, casino transactions, purchase and/or reload of stored value cards or e-Wallets, transaction at non-financial institutions (including purchase of foreign currency, money orders and travellers cheques), transaction at financial institutions (including purchase of merchandise and services from banks), wire transfer will not quality. Cardholder must apply for Spending Instalment Plan at least 5 working days before the payment due date of the relevant purchase.
2. To be eligible for the monthly handling fee offer, cardholders must apply for the instalment plan with instalment amount of HKD50,000 or above from 31 July 2019 - 2 February 2020 (both dates inclusive). The highest annualised percentage rate is 3.76% (calculated based on 6 months repayment period); 4.04% (calculated based on 12 months repayment period); 4.13% (calculated based on 18 months repayment period); 4.17% (calculated based on 24 months repayment period) ; 4.19% (calculated based on 30 months repayment period) ; 4.20% (calculated based on 36 months repayment period) ; 4.20% (calculated based on 42 months repayment period) ; 4.20% (calculated based on 48 months repayment period) ; 4.20% (calculated based on 54 months repayment period) ; 4.19% (calculated based on 60 months repayment period). The handling fee and annualised percentage rate differ depending on individual customer eligibility. The handling fee rate offered to a cardholder or additional cardholder under different card accounts or primary card accounts may not be the same. Please call us on 2233 3052 to enquire your handling fee and annualised percentage rate. The annualised percentage rate ("APR") is calculated using method specified in relevant guidelines issued by The Hong Kong Association of Banks, and is rounded up or down to the nearest two decimal places. An APR is a reference rate, which includes all applicable interest rates, fees and charges of the product, expressed as an annualised rate. As an illustration, total repayment amount is HKD51,080 based on HKD50,000 instalment amount and 12 months instalment plan.
3. To be eligible for 3-month handling fee rebate offer, cardholders must have successfully applied for the instalment plan for transactions made at designated merchants from 1 February 2019 to 31 January 2020 (both dates inclusive). Terms and conditions apply, please refer to Promotional Terms and Conditions for Spending Instalment Plan for details.
4. Cardholder can opt for 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54 or 60-month instalment plan.

Promotional Terms and Conditions for Spending Instalment Plan

Terms and conditions for Spending Instalment Plan


Apply for an HSBC Credit Card to enjoy up to $900 RewardCash! Terms and conditions apply.