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Union Hospital Polyclinic (Science Park)

Up to 44% off selected health check plans (3 plans, usual retail price: from HK$3,503 to $8,386)
Up to 49% off selected pre-marital check up plans (4 plans, usual retail price: from HK$2,512 to $4,267)
V-Care Health Centre

HK$2,695 for designated Comprehensive Health Check Plans (Plan Code: PHS1) (usual retail price: HK$5,390)

HK$3,745 for designated Male Superior Health Check Plans (Plan Code: PHS2M) (usual retail price: HK$7,490)
HK$3,855 for designated Female Superior Health Check Plans (Plan Code: PHS2F) (usual retail price: HK$7,710)
HK$5,505 for designated Male Supreme Health Check Plans (Plan Code: PHS3M) (usual retail price: HK$11,010)
HK$5,795 for designated Female Supreme Health Check Plans (Plan Code: PHS3F) (usual retail price: HK$11,590)
Vio & Partners

HK$1,310 for Standard Health Screening Program (MEX VIO184) (usual retail price: HK$3,121)

HK$1,600 for Comprehensive Health Screening Program (MEX VIO185) (usual retail price: HK$3,868)
HK$2,800 for Executive Health Screening Program (MEX VIO186) (usual retail price: HK$5,873)
HK$5,000 for Premium Health Screening Program (MEX VIO187) (usual retail price: HK$11,355)
Virtus Ageless Health Centre

HK$3,150 for Ageless Health Check up Programme (includes body systems assessment, functional assessment and reporting) (suitable for people aged 55 or above)
Virtus Medical Group

HK$680 for Clinical Foot Assessment (includes foot pressure map, gait analysis, suggestion on indication of insole prescription and therapeutic exercise prescriptions) (suitable for people aged 6 or above)
15% off Virtus Health Check Programme (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Plan)
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* The above statements are based on the perception rating results from the Pulse Study conducted by Kantar UK Ltd between July 2020 to December 2020 that covered a population representative sample of 949 credit card holders in Hong Kong.
* HSBC Premier MasterCard cardholders can enjoy all year round offers of other card types. Please check with respective merchants for details.
** Platinum and above includes: HSBC Premier MasterCard® Credit Card, HSBC Visa Signature Card, HSBC Visa Platinum Card, HSBC Red Credit Card, HSBC EveryMile Credit Card, HSBC Pulse UnionPay Dual Currency Diamond Credit Card and HSBC Green Credit Card.​
*** Except Private Label Card and Purchasing Card.

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